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Frustratingly Addictive Climbing Game

Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy is a platformer game created by the on-again-off-again designer Bennett Foddy. It is a physics-based, patience-testing, climbing game that is bound to make players lose their cool. Released in 2017, this game has spread like wildfire across the globe with over 2.17 million players


The gist of Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy is very simple. The game revolves around a silent, shirtless man who goes by the name of Diogenes, who—true to his namesake—is stuck inside a large metal cauldron. To progress in the game, players must control Diogenes as he tries to hike up a very tall and treacherous mountain using only a Yosemite hammer. 

While you play the game, you can hear Bennett Foddy on the background commenting about the game and explaining why he decided to design it the way he did. He also discusses philosophical topics and provides quotations relating to disappointments and perseverance. Basically, Bennett Foddy’s voice over is just there to provide background noise and even distract players as they try to climb up the mountain. 

The game of Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy ends when the player reaches the highest point of the mountain and then enters space. Upon reaching the end, the system will ask the player if they are recording the gameplay. If the player does not record it, the game will then provide them with access to a chatroom so they can interact with other players who have completed the game. 

There is no checkpoint in this game, and there is no way to save your progress. If you fall off the mountain, you will need to start over from the bottom. The game becomes increasingly difficult as the player progress up the mountain. 

Repetitive Yet Challenging

Getting Over it with Bennett can be easily defined as a rare game built around an intentionally frustrating and complicated control scheme. The game involves a lot of physics as you need to maneuver around an impossibly challenging and tall mountain with nothing but a hammer while stuck in an unstable pot.  This game can be very difficult especially for proud players who have a lot of faith in their abilities.  There are so many challenging areas in this game that you would probably scream in frustration as you fall off the mountain again and again. 

However, while the game can be addictive, it can be a little repetitive. It is a what you see is what you get kind of game that after you have played for about a minute, you have seen it all. Just imagine the trek getting harder to a frankly ludicrous degree as the time pass by, and you got the whole game experience. 

Frustratingly Fun

Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy is a fun game that will leave anyone frustrated and addicted, at the same time. It comes with a simple rule that would only take you minutes to understand.  And while the whole game can be repetitive, it can entertain you for hours on end. It’s no wonder that more and more people are getting hooked on this game.


  • Nice Game Concept
  • Simple Game Mechanics
  • Funny and Meaningful Commentary
  • Sensitive Controls


  • Drab and Basic Graphics
  • Can Leave Players Frustrated
  • No Game Checkpoints
  • Very Difficult to Complete

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